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8.Cooperation with ESCOs for New nZEBs Projects

8.Cooperation with ESCOs for New nZEBs Projects

The ESCO will evaluate the building’s energy condition, will propose the appropriate RES-ES measures, will finance them, will supervise their execution, and will be repaid through the energy benefit that will result after their completion. A key element of the implementation of an nZEBs project through an ESCO is the conclusion of a Guaranteed Performance Contract (GPC) between the Εntity and the ESCO. This contract determines the energy benefits from the actions as well as the way the investment is repaid by the entity to the ESCO.

In the Greek market, Municipalities and Regions are given the opportunity to implement projects through cooperation with ESCOs through GPC. The GPC provides the possibility of infrastructure improvement without the need for the Entity to have technical knowledge, energy management skills and initial capital.

A further analysis on Investment through Investment examines the cooperation of the Entity for the implementation of nZEBs projects with an Energy Services Company (Investment Company), the level of knowledge about the Services / Activities of the Energy Service Providers (Investment Firms) and the level of knowledge regarding the benefits of the benefits are examined. Efficiency, through Energy Efficiency Contracts.


20 October 2021


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