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9.Participation with Energy Communities Active in Buildings

9.Participation with Energy Communities Active in Buildings

The 9th Component concerns nZEBs investments at the Entity's buildings through Energy Communities. The aim is to promote social and solidarity-based economy and innovation in the energy sector, to address energy poverty, to promote energy sustainability, to produce, store, self-consume, distribute and supply energy, to enhance energy self-sufficiency and security in island municipalities, as well as to improve energy end-use efficiency at local and regional level.

In Greece, a special bill for energy communities (Law 4513/2018 “Energy Communities and other provisions”) was designed, which introduces the institutional framework for the establishment and operation of Energy Communities. In Greece, more than 400 energy communities have been established so far, based on data from General Commercial Registry.

A study published by Milieukontakt and presented at a national meeting in Albania on 9 June 2021, highlights that the notion of the energy community is not very well known in Albania and time is needed for it to be introduced and embraced by citizens.

The Component is linked to individual Parameters related to Activation through Energy Communities. Specifically, the number of Energy Communities that have been established and operate in the Entity’s area, the existing possibilities at the Entity’s area regarding the implementation of investments by Energy Communities and finally, the level of knowledge about the Energy Communities is examined.


20 October 2021


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