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10.Cooperation with Innovation Clusters for nZEBs Actions

10.Cooperation with Innovation Clusters for nZEBs Actions

Due to the significancy of implementing nZEBs projects in the building sector for the achievement of national energy targets, there are many stakeholders involved in relevant activities. These parties may be from individual companies with pure business interest, up to chambers, scientific associations, specialized clusters, etc. In the context of these partnerships, and as regards to the construction and building sectors, Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) can support large infrastructure projects, leveraging private resources with a multiplier benefit, exploiting the know-how of the private sector and providing high-level services to citizens/users of these projects.

There are additional critical parameters that are considered such as the level of effectiveness of the Entity’s collaborations with Clusters operating in the field of nZEBs at local, regional, national and European level is examined, as well as the level of information of the Entity’s executives on the legal framework governing PPP contracts for implementation. NZEBs interventions in buildings and informing the executives of the body about the possibilities provided by the Cooperative Mechanisms (clusters) with the object of nZEBs.


20 October 2021


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