Successful Visit of the GOAL nZEBs Partnership to Albania

The working team of Greece cOllaborates with ALbania for nZEBs "GOAL - nZEBs" Project successfully completed its visit to Albania on Wednesday, November 2, 2022.   The visit was attended by representatives from the partnership and specifically from the Center for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) as well as the Regional Development Fund of Western Macedonia and the Agency of Energy Efficiency which is the Albanian Beneficiary.

It is noted that the Project is co-funded by the European Union and national resources of the countries participating in the "Interreg IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program" Greece - Albania 2014 - 2020.

The aim of the visit was to discuss the development of the pilot project in Albania and the other actions of the GOAL nZEBs Project. Regarding the pilot, it is noted that the energy upgrade works at the Fato Berberi Cultural Center began early in the summer. The great challenge of this pilot – demonstration project was to implement the energy saving interventions without altering the exterior of the building as it is an emblematic building located within the protected old town of Gjirokastër

For this reason, it was chosen to insulate the external walls of the building internally, while new aluminum frames with double glazing of low thermal transmittance were installed, from the internal side of the window openings, leaving outside the original wooden ones of the building. At this stage it was found that the installation of the internal thermal insulation has almost been completed, all the new frames have been installed while the old ones have been maintained to acquire their old appearance, the installation of false ceilings in the interior of the building has also begun. In the false ceilings there are openings at the positions where the new, LED technology luminaires, will be installed later on. The replacement of the roof wooden frame has been completed and thermal insulation has been installed on the floor under it. At the same time, moisture removal works are carried out on the internal walls of the building so that coating and painting will follow.

As part of the general upgrade of the building, the entire electrical network is replaced, an internet network is installed in all areas, plumbing is changed and hydraulic infrastructure was installed for the construction of a new central heating system. Finally, the installation of electricity metering and recording system is foreseen.

According to the work schedule and after discussions with the executives of the AEE and the Contractor of the project, it is expected that all works will be completed by the end of the year.

Below are indicative photos from the visit.